Business and Value Creation Model
We are one of the largest transmission system operators in Central and Eastern Europe. As a strategic company, we are responsible for the security and reliability of electricity supplies to all regions of Poland. We perform this task through efficient management of the power system operation.

We build PSE value on the basis of financial, production, human, intellectual, social and natural capital.
Business and Value Creation Model

Business Model

PSE is the only transmission system operator (TSO) within the territory of Poland. It supplies electricity over the transmission network to all regions the country.
Operating rules of the transmission system operator in Poland
Our core duties are prescribed by the Energy Law and the implementing regulations issued under it, which define both our tasks and the way of financing them, and the applicable technical standards and reliability criteria.
The costs of the tasks we perform are regulated costs, covered by transmission charges paid by users of the transmission system in accordance with a tariff approved by the President of ERO. As an operator, we perform our tasks using technical facilities of transmission-connected parties – the parties are obliged to provide access to them under the applicable laws or relevant civil-law contracts.